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3-Jul-23 Colin & Karen's Handover Angela Silver  
10-Jul-23   Car Treasurer Hunt Arr David Glanville  
14Aug-23 Anthony Wakeman   Arthur Jarman Voluntary Service Overseas 60s
11 Sept-23   Business Meeting John Bush  
23-Sep-23 EHAA collection   Arr Paul Jeffery Morrisons Entrance Hall 10-4pm
9-Oct-23 Julia Mitchell   Francis Callis Harp for Wellbeing
13-Nov-23 Ann Lawrence Pres Handover to Paul David Glanville Life of a Counter Terrorism Detectv
3-Dec-23 Outing to The Stables Arr Paul Jeffery Woburn Sands Brass Band
5-Dec-23 Christmas Dinner with IW   Pres Paul Jeffery  
11-Dec-23 Meeting at C Green home Induction of Marion & Kim Colin Green Drinks & light snacks
8-Jan-24   Business Meeting Colin Green  
11-Jan-24 Kids Out Panto trip   David Glanville  
12-Feb-24 John Hilson Dawn Jeffery Memoirs of a rent boy
11-Mar-24 Lisa Hunt - CEO GHH   Linda King Update on Gdn House Hospice
15-Mar-24 Annual Bridge Drive   Arr Alan Fraser Letchworth Settlement 2pm 10
8-Apr-24 AGM/Business Meeting Malcolm King
13-May-24 Mark Williams Incident Director   Kim Morrice Response to Aircraft Accidents
10-Jun-24 Club Assembly David Walker
1-Jul-24 Hosted by C Green at home Handover Presidency Paul Jeffery Handover to Arthur Jarman
8-Jul-24 Meeting Cancelled      
12-Aug-24   Car Treasure Hunt Arr David Glanville Meeting in the Arena Parade CP
9-Sep-24   Conversation & Business John Bush  
Oct-24 Quiz Night      
5-Oct-24   District 1260 Conference   Univ of Herts, Fielder Centre
14-Oct-24 Speaker   Francis Callis  
Nov-24 Darts Challenge      
11-Nov-24 Speaker   Marian Cowdrey  
Dec-24 Christmas Dinner with IW   Arthur Jarman Handover to Paul Jeffery (end)
13-Jan-25     Alan Fraser  
10-Feb-25     David Glanville  
10-Mar-25     Colin Green  
Apr-25 TBC MDPETS   Training course
14-Apr-25     Arthur Jarman  
12-May-25     Dawn Jeffery  
9-Jun-25     Linda King Handover to Kim Morrice